Twin Drop Earrings

Not unusual for Grace Kelly to wear a mix of fine jewelry and Fashion Jewelry.  We believe she got into the habit by following her mother’s method of dressing.  Grace’s mother Margaret grew up in a lower middle working class family, and money was usually short.  Some years after her marriage to John Kelly money was easier to come by and John bought her fine jewelry for gifts.  But she wore her older jewelry mostly because she loved them so much.  Grace did the same.  Her teenage jewelry followed her to the ‘Palace in Monaco’.


Grace did not have pierced ears and wore special earrings, so the ear piece would simulate being pierced.  It was never made clear why after all those years Grace did not pierce her ears, but she did not.  It was certainly easier to remove the earrings, should as when you had to answer a phone, or in her case while modeling, a makeup touch to the ears.  The same went for quick hair adjustments while modeling or during TV appearances, especially if the hair style called for long over the ear design.  These would be good reasons not to wear pierced earrings, but if those were the actual reasons, we really do not know.  This is just speculation on our part.


Long dangling earrings are feminine, sexy and just plain fun to wear.  She had many difference pairs of such earrings.


These earrings were acquired by Grace’s mother in the mid 1940's right after WWII had ended, and like all daughters, Grace and her sisters borrowed their mother’s jewelry.  Each of the girls continued to wear and keep the pieces they liked best.