Trumpet Bracelet

Grace loved jewelry and it did not matter whether she mixed metals or Fashion Jewelry with Fine long as she wore it.  There were multiple bracelets on her hands sometimes.  Grace could have three or more bracelets on one hand yet nothing on the other.  It just mattered what mood she was in at the time.  No one ever questioned her, as she was the fashion idol at the time.


 When making a movie Grace Kelly usually showed up with her own jewelry and insisted on wearing it rather than the costume departments suggestions.  She simply was more comfortable with her own, and she knew her taste for the character she was about to play in the movie.  It was rare the costume department asked her to wear their jewelry instead.

 In the movie ‘High Society’ Grace wore her own 12 Carat Diamond engagement ring, a gift from Princes Rainier III, instead of the ‘paste piece’ she was offered.  She also wore her own jewelry for both the formal and informal scenes she was to perform in.  In the above photo, all the jewelry on her right hand is her own, and the outer piece she brought especially for the scene in which Louis Armstrong was playing the trumpet.  For some reason, she called that bracelet her ‘Trumpet Bracelet’ well before she met Louis.  While she was in Hollywood, Grace called her sister Peggy to look for the ‘Trumpet Bracelet’ and send it to her from her childhood home in Philadelphia.