Tiger Eye Bracelet

ORIGINAL Material: 20k Gold, Tiger Eye Stone
REPLICA MATERIAL: Fashion Jewelry, Simulated Tiger Eye 

 After marriage to Prince Rainier III, Grace left her first love, the
Theater. It was not easy. Probably she considered that sometime
in the near future she would return, but as motherhood and the
duties of a Princess took over, she seemed to have left the film
and theater forever.

 In 1964, almost eight years after her marriage Grace was offered the part in an Alfred Hitchcock movie called ‘Marnie’. With Prince Rainier permission she accepted, but when the acceptance was made public, the people of Monaco revolted. There were so many problems going on, that Grace had to tell Hitchcock she would not do it.

 Although Grace did some poetry reading in the United States and Europe, and received fabulous reviews, the people of Monaco did not seem to be bothered by it.

 A very special charity show scheduled for November 16, 1970, was organized by Earl Mountbatten, the close and loving uncle of Prince Charles of England, and was called ‘The Night of Nights’. It starred Noel Coward, and featured such major stars as Frank Sinatra and Bob Hope. At the last minute Noel Coward became gravely ill and Earl Mountbatten made a personal call to Grace to cover for her friend Noel. Grace and Rainier simply decided to do it, and not make it public until a couple of nights before the show. The secret was kept.

Earl Mountbatten was ecstatic about Grace’s acceptance, and in his mind no one else could take the place of Noel Coward, and he had feared if a substitute of lesser quality was added to the show, the other major stars would not show up. When it was announced the Princess Grace would star in the show, other major actors who had even turned down the opportunity to be on the show, were asking to be added at the last minute. The show was a tremendous success financially for the charity.

The following morning Earl Mountbatten had left for a previous commitment in Burma (now called Myanmar). Upon his arrival he had a special ‘thank you’ set of jewelry made for Princess Grace of extraordinary Tiger Eye stones and 20 Karat Gold. The set consisted of a Long Necklace, Bracelet and pair of earrings. After the Earl personally inspected the set, he had it sent on an airplane from Rangoon (now called Yangon) Burma to Monaco with a long handwritten thank you note. There were no people,
no supplies, nor anything else on the airplane. An airplane was sent from Burma to Monaco that contained only Grace’s gift. The magnificence of the gift was worth an empty aircraft traveling halfway around the world. 

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