Thousand Hearts bracelet


The use of the heart as a symbol of love and affection began about 1250, just about the time of the Grimaldi’s taking power.  The Heart is also associated with emotion and pleasure. Prince Rainier III gave all of the Royal collection of jewels to Grace beginning one week before their wedding.  From the time she arrived in Monaco the Prince would call Grace over to the side and take out of his pocket a piece of magnificent jewelry.  Grace did note that sometimes he would tell her such things as “this was my great Grandmother’s” or “this piece has been in the family for generations”.  Occasionally he would not give any explanation, not because he was in a hurry, but because he did not know the story behind the piece.  The Grimaldi’s had been in power, in the same Palace since 1297, and even at the time of Grace there was no formal Archives for documents or possessions.

 The prince was a very romantic man and had this piece of jewelry created for Grace, and even though it did not actually have ‘a thousand hearts’, he called it ‘The Thousand Heart Bracelet’.

 Beautifully wide and open in design allowing Grace’s very tender skin to breath, she was comfortable wearing it all day long.