The Love Bracelet



A very important wedding anniversary for the couple particularly as their family is complete at this time.  The first two children were born in quick succession right after the marriage.  After an extended time and a couple of miscarriages, the family was fulfilled by the birth of Princess Stephanie in February 1965.  Although both Grace and Rainier would like to have more children, Stephanie was to be the last.


As the tenth Anniversary was coming up, Prince Rainier III worked with a famous Jewelry House in Paris called Balanche (which translates to ‘being in balance’) to create a very special piece of jewelry for Grace, a bangle.  The design was created by Rainier himself, and sketches were given to the main craftsman of Balanche.  Although Balanche had a store in Monte Carlo and very capable craftsmen, Rainier worked with the Parisian House.  This was for security so Grace would not see or hear of the creation of Rainier’s Masterpiece. 


The Bracelet would consist of four sets of two interlocked ‘hearts.  One set for the two of them and each other three sets of hearts, for each of the children.  The bracelet was to be created of Platinum, set with diamonds and Ceylon Sapphires.  The edges were to be Totally French because of the 

Guilloché decorated outer edge done in a darker full sapphire color in enamel.  Prince Rainier was extremely proud of what he created.  Grace loved it as well, mostly for the “locked heart design”.


The photo was taken on April 17, 1966 in Seville Spain.   It was at Spain's gala debutante ball at the Palace De Pilatos.  Jackie Kennedy and Grace were close friends and became even closer after JFK’s Assassination.  Often, to help Jackie get through certain periods of time, the Prince and Princess invited Jackie to go on vacation with them, sometimes sailing on Prince Rainier’s Yacht.  This was one vacation they took together.