Shah Bracelet


Even as a film actress, Grace Kelly was introduced to the highest level of people. One such man, was the Shah of Iran who took romantic interest in her. After dinner twice in one week, he purchased this 18k gold bracelet with diamonds and emeralds from a world-famous jewelry boutique in NYC. When Grace realized he was using the bracelet as a way to attempt to take their relationship to the next level, she asked him to leave. The Shah of Iran left, but not before tossing the magnificent bracelet into the fish tank, where it remained for weeks. To all visitors Grace pointed out the bracelet in the fish tank and the story broke the ice with all her friends and visitors. 

After telling the story to friends, she found the amusement in it what had happened and rescued the bracelet from her fish tank. Grace had the it restored and wore it for the rest of her life. Our rendering of the Shah of Iran Bracelet is 18k gold plated with Swarovski crystals and measures approximately 7 inches plus comes with a 1-inch extension.