San Marco Tennis Bracelet


In every woman’s collection of jewelry there are certain pieces that are special to her heart.  In most cases the collection is divided into three times of her life.  A young girl, a Teenager, and a grown woman.  In each, special pieces not only stand out, but are with her for her entire life.  This is one of them.

 Given to Grace for her sweet sixteen party, this was a gift not from both her mother and father, as that was a different gift.  This bracelet was from her father only, and therefore very special to her. 

 The amount of times and for the duration of her life, Grace wore this bracelet.  Although it must have been very expensive, to her it was an accessory she could wear  for almost any occasion and with any type of dress.  From very formal attire, even floor length gowns during the ‘Royal’ years, to everyday clothing from Business attire, Lunch attire and State Affairs.

 The bracelet had the twisted ‘San Marco’ look, with a very special diamond encrusted clasp.  Such a design should have been made oval, so it would not rotate, but the designer intended the bracelet to rotate, so it always appeared as a different piece every few minutes.

 Grace’s oldest daughter Princess Caroline,  loved her mother’s bracelet so much she wanted it for her Sweet Sixteen Birthday.  Grace gave it to her on one condition, Grace could borrow it any time she wanted.  And Grace did....for many years to follow.


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