Royal Emerald Kisses Bracelet

It was the Tradition of Monaco, going all the way back to the 1300's that jewels of the previous Princess will be passed to the newest Princess and by that same Tradition those jewels must be given by the Prince personally.  He could not designate an officer of the Sate to do it for him.  Royalty always follows tradition to the letter.  It was for this reason Prince Rainier started giving Grace the Royal Jewels soon after her arrival.One of the Royal pieces given to Grace by Prince Rainier III soon after she arrived in Monaco.  The entire collection of the Palace becomes the property of the Princess of Monaco.  Up until recently only a male could rule Monaco, and if no male was produced, the Principality became part of France by a treaty.

 The Royal collection of jewels does contain a major amount of jewels that used to be worn by the Male Princes for formal wear.  These pieces are large and heavy and has not been worn for almost 200 years.  Those pieces are kept and protected in case fashion dictates changes in the future.

 The actual origin of the ‘Royal Kisses’ Bracelet is unknown, but the name was given by Grace when she saw the “X”s on it.  Princes Rainier did not understand what she was talking about as the use of ‘X’ for Kisses is a North American thing.