Rear Window Bracelet

The majority of the jewelry Grace wore in each of her movies was her own.  She was more comfortable in her own jewelry and her collection was so extensive she could always come up with the perfect piece for every occasion and every scene in every movie.  It was rare that she needed to use the studios pieces.  Only in the movie ‘To Catch a Thief’ were three pieces so special to the movie, the studio needed to supply them.


Each of Grace’s movies were considered ‘Fashion Shows’ and the movie ‘Rear Window’ was certainly no exception.  Early in the movie Grace’s character needed to be dressed like a supermodel, and her clothes were designed by Edith Head.  For each ‘dress up’ scene, Grace would bring in her jewelry and between Edith Head and herself they picked out the pieces.  In the movie ‘Rear Window’ the most famous and sort after piece of jewelry by fans from 1954 through today is her Pearl Cuff Bracelet.  It moved, rotated, made noise through the scene and to tell the truth was a major part of the scene itself.  No one could take their eyes off her, or the bracelet.


The one change we made in the reproduction was to make the ‘charms’ smaller.  Charms of that size are no longer worn by women and have a tendency of getting caught and interfering with clothing.  Everything else, every single part of the bracelet is exactly the same as Grace’s original.  The extension chain, just as on the original, is variable depending upon how tight or loose she wanted to wear it.

 Comes with extension piece making the bracelet adjustable between 7" and 8"