Prince's Charm Bracelet

Movie Actress Grace Kelly met Prince Rainier III of Monaco at a pre-set photo shoot during the Cannes Film Festival in April1954.  The two spent about three hours together and as far as the public was concerned, they never saw each other again.  But the world’s best kept secret had just begun.

 As it was considered proper, after being invited to someone’s house, Grace sent a short handwritten thank you note.  The Prince being proper as well answered with a short note, and thus began a letter writing campaign between the two of them.

 The letters became longer and longer, with each eventually spilling out their thoughts, and hopes and generally their hearts.  Some of the letters were 10 and 12 pages long.  All of Grace’s were handwritten, and almost all of Rainier’s were single spaced typed.

 They actually did meet numerous times when Prince Rainier came to the United States and even stayed in Hollywood as Grace shot a film.  Rather than stay in a Hotel and be noticed, he rented a home under another name.  The romance had taken on a life of its own. 

 On his last trip to Hollywood in 1955, The Prince had made a ‘Charm’ bracelet for Grace from which hung a newly minted 20 Franc Gold Monaco coin, with the Prince’s likeness.  Grace wore this every day, and yet no one noticed, or even thought to ask what the medallion was hanging on her bracelet.