Peridot Necklace


One of the few Jewelry Suites Grace had in Peridot stones. It is one of the pieces of jewelry that was given her by her mother when she went to New York to become a model.  Grace had already been in New York studying theater, but decided she did not want to live totally off her parents and would become a model to supplement her income.  She actually did so well, her income far exceeded what her parents had given her to live on.  She even was able to move out of the women’s only hotel, The Barbizon Plaza, and get her own apartment (with a friend).  At that time a good salary in New York was 35 dollars per week, Grace was earning almost $750.00 per week.

 On a trip home before she started modeling, Grace brought back to New York good clothes and jewels, as the models other than those doing fashion modeling, were expected to supply their own clothing and accessories for the shoot.  When they arrived at the shoot, not only were they looked over to see if they seemed right for the part, their clothes were examined as well.  If all was equal, the model with the best clothes got the part over the more poorly dressed.  Grace usually got the job because she was smart enough to ask in advance, what is the product, and dress accordingly.