Pearl Seed Bracelet



Acquired by Grace at a very well-known Antique Boutique, in the early 1970's while on a shopping trip to Paris.  The Grimaldi family maintained an apartment in Paris as Prince Rainier III spent time dealing with the French Government.  As his family increased in size, a new apartment was finally obtained on the most fabulous street in Paris, avenue Foch.


The new apartment allowed Grace to spend time with the children, especially the girls.  As they grew, Grace continued to enjoy shopping with both or on an individual basis.  Prince Albert enjoyed staying with his friends in Monaco, rather than weekend shopping trips to Paris.  As Albert grew older he spends time with his father in Paris, but usually for political or business trips.  When they had spare time the two Princes’ both enjoyed the fabulous museums of Paris.


Part of the enjoyment of the ‘shopping’ trips to Paris with the girls, was always the lunches in-between the stores.  The restaurants they visited were not always the finest of Paris, but most of the time for lunch the small Brassieres were where they headed. 


A weekend was usually Friday afternoon to Monday morning.  Grace was not found of flying, and particularly with the girls.  They traveled by train and would leave very early in the morning, and all would take a nap in their private compartment, ready for the business ahead of Shopping Paris’s finest Clothing and Jewelry houses. 


Although this Necklace was obtained in one of those shopping trips, it was made of Faux Seed Pearls, and capped with faux gold stations.