Parking Necklace in Silvertone

In the spring of 1931 Paris introduced a sign on the streets in an effort to control where people left their cars.

The signs that appeared on the streets were copied by local people who decided cars shouldn’t park near their house of business.  More signs were counterfeits than real.  Eventually the Police had the false signs taken down.

Coco Chanel was one of the people who hand made a sign and placed it in front of her boutique.  It only took Coco a few days to decide to design jewelry for her high elite customers who wanted the new ‘sign’ to be worn about their necks.  About 100 or more of these necklaces and bracelets were made, more than any other piece of jewelry she created.  There were literally lines outside her boutique to acquire this necklace.  Coco personally decided who could get one and who could not.  It was her most popular necklace and was even written about in Paris newspapers and magazines.

In the late 1930's London made a slight change to the design and made it round, instead of oval.  This design is still used today as the international ‘No Parking’ sign.

 In this time of “#Me Too”, telling someone ‘No Parking Here (without permission)’ is just a great piece of jewelry to wear around your neck. 

 Grace acquired her Coco Chanel No Parking Necklace in 1971 In New York, not Paris, from unknown sources. 

 Coco said: “A woman can be gorgeous at 20, Charming at 40, but if dressed properly, Irresistible for the rest of her life”

A total of 37 inches plus a 4 inch adjustable chain extender, for a maximum of 41 inches.