Oval Link Bracelet


The Art Deco Craze took Europe by storm especially with the very wealthy.  Even though the period saw a ‘Great Depression’, the wealthy always had money.  As a matter of fact, the very wealthy had even more during the depression as their money could buy more, making their holdings more valuable. Although part of the ‘Royal’ Collection this bracelet is not very old by the standards of the Grimaldi Family.  This design is Art Deco, which means it was made from the very late 1920's thru the mid 1930's. 

 Jewelry designs of that period were more beautiful as the craftsmen could spend more time in design and crafting the pieces.  The delicacy of this bracelet screams ‘Royalty’, and it certainly was. 

 This bracelet was a gift from Count Pierre of Polignac, his father to Rainier’s mother Princess Charlotte.  As it was obtained with State funds (Prince Pierre had little money of his own), the Bracelet and Matching Necklace became State property, and belonged to the Principality of Monaco.  Princess Charlotte held no claim to it and therefore passed to the Reigning Princess Grace.