Navajo Bangle


A gift from Jackie Kennedy, Princess Grace received this bracelet in 1963. In the first year of JFK’s and Jackie’s marriage, JFK had a back operation and was feeling poorly and depressed. Jackie asked her friend Grace Kelly to come to the hospital and pretend to be a nurse to cheer JFK up, which she did and it helped JFK deal better with his ailment. Jackie never forgot what Grace did for JFK and on a visit to the White House, Jackie had this bracelet made for Grace as a thank you. They both already had Navajo jewelry and Jackie was especially fond of this Navajo Bangle she designed for herself and made at a fine jeweler in New York City. To thank Princess Grace for her time and friendship, she had almost an exact copy made to match her own especially for her! They both wore the matching bracelets at a formal luncheon the next day at the White House. Princess Grace’s other Navajo jewelry were gifts from Prince Rainier III, who had an interest in Navajo history.   Our rendering of the Navajo Bangle is 18k gold plated with Swarovski crystals. It is available in both average and large sizes.