Grain de Café Wedding Necklace


Upon returning from their honeymoon, Father Francis Tucker reminded Prince Rainier, III that since Majorican pearl wedding set was faux pearls, he still needed to buy the official wedding gift for Princess Grace. Rainier soon traveled to Paris and stopped in a well known French Jewelry House where he selected this official wedding set for his new bride set in 18k gold and yellow diamonds.  It was appropriately called "Grain de Cafe" set because of its resemblance to the beautiful coffee bean leaf. Princess Grace wore it for the official visit to the White House with JFK and Jacqueline Kennedy, and she also wore it to the official trip to Ireland.  

When Grace’s image was put on the Monaco Postage Stamp upon the birth of Princess Caroline, Grace posed in her ‘Official Wedding Gift’ necklace and matching earrings. The rendering by Clarion-Pell is 18k gold plated with Swarovski crystals and has an inner length measurement of 15 1/4 inches. Matching bracelet and earrings are available and sold separately.