Golden Ball Ring Goldtone

Grace had a habit of asking for clothing and sometimes the jewelry her character wore in the major motion films.  Sometimes she was actually given some or all of what she wanted.


In the movie ‘To Catch a Thief’ Grace’s character was beautifully dressed, mostly by the famed Hollywood designer Edith Head.  The outfits worn for daytime shots were given to Grace, but the major ‘Ball’ outfits were not.  Grace really wasn’t looking for them as she could never foresee a moment in her civilian life where she would need such fancy ‘ball gowns’.  The jewelry she wanted very badly, and was eventually given to her.  One ring, worn in the ‘Golden Ball’ scene could not be given as it was not costume jewelry but a real diamond ring.  During the shots, Alfred Hitchcock was not pleased with the ‘paste’ piece given her and had the studio ‘rent’ a ring from a famous Paris Jewelry House.  The ring had to be returned immediately.  All of the trouble and the ring was so small, it never really showed up on the screen.  The only close shot of it wound up on the ‘cutting room floor’.


Grace was upset that she had the necklace, Bracelet and Earrings but not the ring, and about two years into the marriage she mentioned this to Prince Rainier.  She looked upon this period of her life as very happy and enjoyable and wanted as many souvenirs as possible.  He paid attention and realized she want this so badly, he contacted Alfred Hitchcock and asked for ‘dress shots’ so Rainier could have the ring copied.  The Prince had the ring copied in fine materials and gave it to Grace for their third Wedding Anniversary. 


It was at this anniversary that the two of them looked at the wedding photos for the very first time.  They both had felt the wedding itself was such a trauma, and did not look at any of the photos before.


The ring took on a new life as Grace aged.  She was not happy with her hands and used this ring to overpower the onlookers eyes, so they did not see her hands.