French Chain and Diamond Crystal Bracelet

 As a young woman, Grace enjoyed shopping for her clothes and accessories.  She needed Fashion Jewelry for the everyday look and finer jewelry for other occasions.  This style of the Twist Necklace and Bracelet set was made more popular after World War II.  By 1947 most soldiers were home and with them came souvenirs from Europe.  Retail outlets had not opened yet in Europe, nor did the average soldier have the money to buy from them.  But they did have enough to buy jewelry and other items from civilians in the European countries that needed money to purchase living items.  They were willing to sell the jewelry they could hold on to during the war to the only people that had money, and those were US Soldiers.


These pieces were now brought home and the styles copied by our new jewelry smiths opening stores in the USA.  The design of the Twist Set is French and would have originally been brought back by US Soldiers returning from France. 


It is believed that Grace bought this set in new York City when she began her modeling career at age 17.