Enamel Hoop Earring Navy Blue

Prince Rainier knew Grace also enjoyed the security of having a one-off design and there really were not too many designers that could be trusted to make a design for just one, or certainly not use a similar design for someone else. 

 For Grace’s thirty-fifth birthday in 1964, Prince Rainier needed something special as not only was this a special birthday, but she was pregnant with their third child, due in February.  In 1964 a woman of 35 giving birth was rare and considered dangerous.  Both the Prince and the Princess were very happy, but also nervous.  Not knowing what the child’s sex would be, Rainier had a bracelet made in White Enamel, and of course hoping for another son, asked to create a matching bracelet in Blue.  A suite of matching earrings was made as well.  The white set was given to Grace on her Birthday in November, and the blue was held until the baby was born.

 After the Birth of his daughter Princess Stéphanie Marie Elisabeth Grimaldi, the countess of Polignac, Prince Rainier was not disappointed.  The blue set he held, was given to Grace right after the christening in March 1965.  As far as Grace was concerned, it was a gift on the day of her daughters Christening, never questioning the color blue. Grace kept both colors.