Dinner Bracelet


During the Movie Star years of Grace Kelly, new pieces of jewelry were constantly being added to her collection.  Between 1954 and 1955 Grace completed an extraordinary number of movies.  During those two years, Grace made six movies.  She was exhausted.  Somehow, she found time to go shopping which was her only chance to relax.  Between the clothing and jewelry Grace increased her wardrobe tremendously.  When asked by her best friend how could you find the time, she simply said “for shopping there is always time, and besides it is the only time I have for myself.

 One of the pieces acquired during that time period was the ‘Dinner Bracelet’.  Although not a flashy piece, it was worn in less formal times for private dinners with friends and family.

 When she was marrying Princes Rainier III, he had asked her to leave behind any and all jewelry given to her as gifts, as he wanted the only gifted pieces to be from her.  For the most part she gave away her jewelry to her sisters and a couple of friends, but a few pieces as gifts, she took with her.  The Dinner Bracelet she bought herself and was not a gift, so it went to Monaco with her.