Crystal Oval Drop Necklace

This set consisting of this necklace, a matching Bracelet and earrings (never found) was gifted to Grace in Buenos Aires, Argentina during their State Visit in  June 1974. 

 The President of Argentina was Juan Domingo Perón.  This set was especially created for Grace as a ‘Gift of State’ from the ‘People of Argentina’ to the Princess of Monaco.  Most likely either designed or picked out by his wife (third wife) Isabel Martínez de Perón.  Isabel was the Vice President of Argentina, and when Juan died she became President for two more years.

 President Perón’s first wife was better known, she was Eva Perón, who died in 1952.

 Argentina was known for having the world’s finest growth of natural crystal, and the exceptional carving and polishing of jewelry.  This rendition uses Glass K9 Crystal instead of Natural Crystals.  The original had diamonds on one side, and the other side had no diamonds so the necklace can be worn less formal. 

 This rendition is made with Genuine Glass Crystal called K9 Glass to match very closely the quality of the Argentinian Natural Crystal.  The ‘Glass crystal’ picks up the colors around it.  In each of the photos of Grace while wearing the necklace, the color of the crystal appears as the color of the outfit she is wearing.  The weight of the glass allows the necklace to move back and forth and has enough of it’s own weight to fall centered again.  The chain design, using double and single strands is quite unique, and has not been seen before in any North American or European design.

 The Gift of State included a matching Bracelet and also listed is a matching pair of earrings.  The earrings have never shown up in any photos, nor are they listed in the inventory of the archives of Monaco.  Possible they may have been made as ‘pierced’ which Grace could not wear, and then were to be remade as clips, but were never sent due to the death of President Perón in July 1974.





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