Crossover Ring


 ORIGINAL Material:    18 Karat Gold, Diamonds

REPLICA MATERIAL: Fashion Jewelry, Swarovski Crystals

  One of the famous men who fell in love with Grace was fashion designer Oleg Cassini.  After seeing her last movie Oleg decided he had to meet her.  After spending days reaching out to friends who may know her, and could set up a ‘date’, he reached no conclusion and was about to give up.  As strange coincidences would have it, Oleg and a friend were about to have dinner at New York’s 21 Club, and as they walked to their table, Oleg spots Grace having dinner with friends.

 Oleg stops by her table, introduces himself by explaining who he was, and was shocked when she said she knows who he is and that she really loved his designs.  He asked for a future dinner, she agreed and their friendly relationship began.

 Some dates later, Oleg who sent her flowers almost daily, gave her a ring he had designed and wanted her opinion and approval for the piece.  Oleg was thinking of following Coco Chanel by not only designing clothing, but accessories as well.  Grace told him she loved the ring, and he had it made  into her size and sent it to her with one of his daily flower assortments.

 Grace actually did love the design and wore it often, getting many compliments from friends and family.   There were just enough stones in the ring and it’s perfect width, made the ring a perfect ‘go to’ ring when Grace needed to ‘dress up’ her fingers. 

 It was reported (by Oleg) that they eventually were engaged, but Grace didn’t seem to know this, she considered themselves to be very good friends.  Grace continued to wear this ring for many years into being a Princess.


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