Curb Link Bracelet



ORIGINAL Material:    18k Gold, Diamonds

REPLICA MATERIAL: Fashion Jewelry, Swarovski Crystals

Grace’s father John Kelly had said many times his favorite daughter was his oldest child, Peggy.  This, of course, bothered Grace very much and made Grace try even harder with her career as an actress.  Grace, of course, wanted to be a ‘Legitimate’ actress, meaning stage only but was very successful on TV.  She made more than 160 live television shows, and also 14 major movies in Hollywood.  One such movie, The Country Girl, earned her the movie industry's highest recognition, The Academy Award for Best Actress.            

Her father made a public statement that he was “surprised Grace would be the one to support him in his old age, rather than any of his other children”.  After reading this, Grace called her father and although the exact discussion is not known, it was reported she really became upset with him.

 Realizing his error in making that statement, which he said later was more of a joke than it having real meaning, he needed to not only verbally apologize but a material gift would be necessary.  Shopping at one of Philadelphia’s major and internationally known jewelry stores, picked out the complete suite of jewelry including a necklace, bracelet, and earrings in the latest design craze, known as a Curb Link Design.

 This design was not known, as it was worn during the early 1800s in Europe, but like most things, what goes around comes around again.  Now in the second decade of the 2000s, it is a very important and well worn design by fashion icons around the world.