Chip and Swirl Earrings


Newly married Prince Rainier III could not do enough for his radiant bride.  Many gifts were coming, and unexpected by Grace.  Rainier also knew the lifestyle Grace would have to adjust to, a lifestyle she really knew little about.  For the social scene of Monaco was truly it’s lifeblood, and what the outside world saw as ‘Balls’, Prince Rainier saw as his normal job. 


The first ball for the new Princess would be the major event for all of Europe.  It was called the ‘Red Cross Ball’.  Although touted as a ‘charity event’, and it did collect a major amount of money. It was really the top social event of the European Social Season.  The ‘leading Lady’ of the ball was to be the new Princess, the American Movie Star.

To help her be ready The Prince acquired a spectacular set of jewelry to set off the grown Grace had picked out for her first ball as a Princess.  The jewelry not only had to be special and different, it was ordered and designed before her dress was complete.  Rainier also knew Grace’s background and dislike of not wearing items over and over, something the socialites of Europe would never do.  The jewelry was designed with all this in mind. The stones were picked in pastel flower colors, sitting on dew drops done in European Vermeil, meaning Gold layered over silver colored base metal. 


Due to the pastel sapphires Grace was able to wear this set from an everyday outfit to a ball gown, worthy of being the main attraction at a ‘Red Cross Ball’.