Celtic Cross In Goldtone with Swarovski Ruby's



ORIGINAL Material:    18K Gold, Diamonds, Rubies

REPLICA MATERIAL: Fashion Jewelry, Swarovski Crystals



While on a trip to Ireland in 1963 Grace bought two Celtic crosses to which would add to her  growing collection of personal crosses.  The crosses were of the same design, but one was with a ruby and diamond and the other Emerald and diamond.  The Emerald was special for her as she bought it in ‘The Emerald Isle’... Ireland.  Grace thought a woman could never have enough crosses.


Some of her childhood crosses in her collection go back to when she was about seven years old at her Catholic First Communion.  A few small crosses were obtained in the next few years as decoration, but when she was fourteen years old she had her Confirmation.   Her family was very religious and of course this meant a very special, beautiful and expensive cross.  This cross was the first she had with precious stones and fine metals, and therefore the first of her extensive and spectacular collection.  A collection that would become very extensive.  This cross is very personal and will never be duplicated as part of her jewelry collection.


When the wedding was being planned, the Royals, the Rich and the famous all asked if Grace had special wishes for gifts, items to fulfill her wishes such as for a personal collection, and they were told of her lifetime cross collection.  Wedding gifts, particularly from the Royals of Europe, all had at least one old and fabulous cross included with the gifts.  Some were crosses for displaying on cabinets, some for over the bed, but most were for personal adornment.  Grace’s cross collection was suddenly very large, exotic, and probably one of the world’s most beautiful and valuable. 


For the rest of her life, Grace continued to collect crosses, particularly when she traveled or at specialized auctions.


Her personal collection exceeded 400 units, including for wall and desk display.  Some of her crosses were brooches, but most were necklaces on chains.


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