Bold Link Earrings

On May 8, 1974, Prince Rainier III celebrated the Twenty-Fifth year of his Sovereignty, his Silver Anniversary.  Great cause for celebration, and typical of his way of sharing his happiness with the love of his life, The Prince went shopping.  The Prince enjoyed shopping, but rarely went shopping just for the sake of buying something, whenever he had some free time, he made specific plans for what he wanted and for whom.   Something very special was needed for Grace, after all without her his reign would never have been so successful, nor so happy.  His children deserved something special as well.


Prince Rainier worked with The Monte Carlo Jeweler Balanché to create this set.  The solid gold rings would have alternating section of diamonds, so no matter which way Grace put the necklace on, it would always be perfect.  No matter how she leaned forward and returned to her perfect posture, the necklace would always fall back to perfect center.  No price was set for this creation, only that it was to be perfect.  The weight of the necklace is substantial, and Grace loved that.  Consider the necklace was solid gold, no filler material was used.  The diamonds were all flawless, and pressed set, as prong setting would get caught on her clothing.  Every detail was discussed, even the length was perfectly balanced for her height and size.


A perfectly matching Bracelet was made and of course as gloves were to be worn many times during this Jubilee Year, a two and one-half Centimeter extension was supplied, so the bracelet could be worn over gloves.  The Bold Link design meant the bracelet would be moving constantly and sliding up and down her wrist and arm as she moved.  It was certainly an eye catcher!


As the design did really not allow for perfectly matched earrings (they would be too heavy), a set of three rings was designed to be worn with the rest of the suite.  Grace loved the earrings so much, she wore them with other outfits as well, usually daytime dresses and slacks