Aquamarine and Diamond Crystal bracelet


Styles change, and one of the people who caused those changes was Grace Princess of Monaco.  What Grace wore one day, a week later others would be wearing.  She had impeccable taste in clothing and accessories.  Grace was conservative in her dress, and this made most women very comfortable in following her tastes.

 Never being tied to anyone designer, Grace like to choose her own clothing and accessories.  As much as possible Grace tried to buy French Clothing, which at the time was considered the best in the world.  The Italian designers were just coming on the scene.

 Along with clothing, Grace enjoyed picking out and buying her own accessories as well.  Although she had the advantage of having the ‘stores’ come to her at the Palace, she really enjoyed just passing through stores and simply ‘Shopping’.  Paris and New York were her two favorite ‘Shopping’ locations.

 It was during one of those trips Grace picked up this marvelous bracelet. As a Princess she had plenty of Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds etc.  It was time for her love of the ‘Pastel’ and lighter stones.  Grace also knew Brazilian Aquamarine Stones were the best in the world, and the color unmatched anywhere.  When in Bloomingdales in New York, she spotted the bracelet and knew immediately these stones were from Brazil.  Grace was told this bracelet was crafted in Bloomingdales own Jewelry Room on the top floor of the store, and it was the only one ever made.  She made a quick deal with the General Manager of the Store to not make any more of this bracelet, and happily took it back to Monaco as her ‘special Treasure’.

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