Cross Ring

05-032   CROSS RING


ORIGINAL Material:    18 Karat Gold, and Diamonds

REPLICA MATERIAL: Fashion Jewelry, Swarovski Crystals                                                           


Grace considered her life in multiple stages.  The first as a child growing up in East Falls, Pennsylvania, the second  during her New York Modeling, Dramatic School and TV and Stage actress eventually leading to movie stardom, and finally a Princess of Monaco and Mother.

 There were a group of friends that met while she lived in New York that were intertwined with earlier friends and these girls became her ‘Bridesmaids’.  Not all the girls had successful lives, but they all remained friends forever. 

 Grace was extremely close with two of them, Judith Kanter, who was the wife of  Grace’s agent Jay Kanter, and a woman who became a famous actress Rita Gam.  Each of the girls gave each other presents from time to time, and especially for their birthdays.  On November 12, 1953, Grace’s 24 birthday, Judith and Rita were shopping for a gift for each of them to give and one of the two spotted a ring set that consisted of a ‘Chain’ style wide ring and matching thin ring with a diamond encrusted cross hanging on it.  The set was spectacular, but priced out of range for either of the two. So they asked the store manager (it was a very major New York Jewelry store) if they could break up the set, and get two boxes.  A little flirting and negotiation, they walked out of the store with two separate rings, they really were a set.

 It is lost to history which one gave which ring, but that really doesn’t matter as Grace mostly wore the rings together.  Grace was very religious and especially wore the Diamond Cross Ring to Church, sometimes parring it with another ring.  The Chain Ring works wonderfully by itself as well.


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 NOTES: Rita Gam’s husband (Sidney Lumet) married Gloria Vanderbuilt after their divorce.  He Directed 12 Angry men, Dog Day Afternoon, Network, The Verdict etc.