The Famous "To Catch a Thief" Necklace

To Catch a Thief was Grace Kelly's third Hitchcock picture, after the 1954 Warner Bros. film Dial M for Murder and Paramount's 1954 Rear Window.  It was made in late 1954 into early 1955.  The setting was the French Riviera and some scenes were shot in and around Monaco.



A retired ‘Cat’ burglar played by Cary Grant is enticed to steal jewelry belonging to the widow of an Oil magnate and her daughter played by Grace Kelly.  Grace’s character decides to play detective and catch the Cat burglar herself, whom she believes is Cary Grant’s character.  To entice him, she wears what appears to be the most fabulous diamond necklace and flaunts it in front of him in very sexy scenes.  Some of the scenes were so sexy for the time, the censors had them removed,  and also wanted the ‘fireworks’ scene where Grace’s character was kissing Grant’s character, but Hitchcock refused and left it in.  In the movie Grace insists Cary touch the necklace, and grabs his hand and brings it to her chest, then at the last second raises his hand to touch the necklace.  Considering this was the mid-1950's, the audience must have ‘gasped’.


The actual necklace was rented for the movie and was a costume jewelry piece.  In the movie, it was also a costume jewelry piece that Grace’s character was trying to fool Grant’s Character, but he wasn’t fooled.  He called it ‘Imitation Jewelry’.  The cost of renting was $75.00 for the entire movie.


The original necklace went back to the rental studio, which closed some years later and was probably thrown away.


An interesting construction was used in making the necklace.  If turned over, it is a bib necklace that could be used in another movie, thus two necklaces in one.  Our replica has been constructed in the same way so you can use it for formal or very informal occasions.