Simple Stone and Chain Necklace




Elegance is what Grace Kelly and even more so, her later personality under Grace de Monaco.   Simplicity is the underlining part of such elegance and she knew it well.


Grace grew up in two different worlds as her farther Jack Kelly was a flamboyant Irishman who tended to be very outgoing and noisy, and her mother Margaret Katherine Majer, whose family immigrated from Schloss Helmsdorf, Württemberg, Germany.  Grace’s father was Roman Catholic and her mother was brought up Lutheran.  Her mother converted to Catholicism upon their marriage, but never followed the Catholic faith very much.  Margaret’s quiet upbringing showed up more in Grace’s style more than it did for Grace’s sisters and brother.  Margaret and John Kelly dated for more than ten years before they were married.  Both were busy pursuing careers and goals.  Both of Graces parents were Olympic athletes; John in rowing and Margaret in swimming.  John won multiple Gold Medals, Margaret won none.   In Grace’s case, it is said that the leaves never fall far from the tree, and this was true.


Not only her dress, but method of bringing up children with great discipline was followed by Grace.  Very much unlike Prince Rainier’s upbringing, where he rarely saw his parents, Grace kept the children close and was a strict disciplinarian.  In later years she felt she was too strict, especially with her older daughter Caroline.  Grace brought up both girls, but Rainier brought up Albert.  Albert was in training for the eventual job of Sovereign Prince, from the time he could speak.  Prior to that, Albert belonged to Grace. 


Very formal jewelry was worn for State occasions, and simple for off hours and day time wear.  Either way, the jewelry was always elegant.