Rue de Paris Necklace

This necklace, which was originally made in the 1930's.    What made it different from any other necklace in the world, was the material used to fill the main Hexagon elements.  It was made of glass filled with stones obtained from the paving blocks used in the streets of Paris.  The street in front of her boutique was being ripped up and she had her young assistant take some of the old block stones to their workshop a few blocks away.   The stones were broken into small pieces and glass from a brown French wine bottle was melted down and the stones were set inside. When cooled, the face was hand polished on both sides.


This piece has become one of the most desirable pieces of jewelry, even though it was created almost 90 years ago.  Bought by Princess Grace at a Sotheby’s auction in London, she wore it for everyday use.  What she paid for it is a closely guarded secret.