Parliament Pearl Drop Earrings

 Probably one of the most utilized and photographed earrings ever worn.  Acquired by Grace, while still a teenager.  Simple yet elegant, and at the time I am sure she would never know how long she would still be wearing them and how much the population of the entire world would be able to look at the earrings.

 It is believed this pair of earrings had been a gift from her High School Sweetheart, Harper Davis, and Grace wore them to her High School Prom.  This was the first of several faux ‘Pearl’ jewelry items he would give to Grace.

 Grace wore these earrings to the Academy Awards Ceremony in 1955 and is photographed accepting her award, and due to her swept back hair, the earrings was the piece of jewelry most noticed.   The next time the world got to see these earrings was at her Wedding to Prince Rainier III in April 1956.

 There were 700 photographers waiting to see her off in New York on the USS Constitution, and 1800 photographers waiting for her when she arrived and to photograph the wedding.  Grace wore these earrings at the formal wedding, yes there were two weddings.  The first was a civil wedding which took 15 minutes to complete but added to those 15 minutes was a spoken list of her 140 titles, and that took 25 minutes to say out loud.  During the main wedding, Prince Rainier III’s 142 titles was spoken.

Grace continued to wear these earrings for very formal occasions complete with multiple Royal Jewelry pieces for the rest of her life.