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Engagement Brooch

Elegance in simplicity would best describe this ‘pin’ that Grace was so attached to.  Acquired in her mid-teens, under circumstances not yet discovered, it followed her everywhere.

During her High School years, it was kept in her room in Philadelphia, during her late teens it went with her to New York to be used for Modeling, and by her early twenties it became a ‘go to’ pin for TV shows and ‘dress up’ for parties and dinner. 

The ultimate use of this pin was for the public announcement of her engagement to Prince Rainier III of Monaco during the Christmas - New Year Season of 1955.

 Grace wore this pin for the photographic shoots and during the eight day ocean crossing from New York to Monaco.  Yet for all this importance, the Brooch was Fashion Jewelry with Simulated Diamonds. 

 During the Princess’s later years, the Brooch continues to be seen on her blouses, Jackets and Dresses.  What is most interesting is that it generally is the only piece of jewelry on her outfit as if she is showing it off and not be interfered with other pieces.  Due to the forward motion of the flower petals, the brooch really stands out, yet only adds to the beauty of what she is wearing, never trying to overpower her look.

 Hopefully one-day we will be able to discover the true and full background of a piece of jewelry that has such a powerful meaning to Grace from teen years to her Princess Grace era.